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  • Eleveight FS Series Freeride Freestyle Kite 2019

    Eleveight FS Series Freeride Freestyle Kite 2019


    Five strut Open-C design
    High aspect ratio
    Fast and powerful turning characteristics
    Plenty of line slack for freestyle tricks
    Kite for big airs and extreme loops
    Good upwind performance and great stability
    New X4 Ripstop canopy made by Techno Force™
    Light wind sizes (14 & 16 m) are equipped with 3 m extensions

    1.119,00 €
  • Eleveight Kite Bar CS Vary Bar

    Eleveight Kite Bar CS Vary Bar


    The CSeries VARY bar is our latest control system, compatible with all Eleveight kites and most other four line wings on the market. Several innovative performance features are packed into a clean, functional design. Integrated bar ends enable the rider to change the bar stick’s width by 8 cm in only seconds. They also give easy access to the backline adjustment.

    The reduced diameter bar stick is covered with an anti-slip EVA thermo-foam, making the bar ultra-comfortable while ensuring perfect handling in any trick. The bar comes with the most innovative safety system on the market: the Quick-Matic release. With an activation pressure of 6kg at 200kg load, the Quick-Matic system is compliant to the French Norm. The release activates the single front line safety, meaning that the kite will flag out on a single front line, gently falling from the sky.

    To reassamble the Quick-Matic, simply click the chicken loop back into the system. No need to fiddle with the cuff. The new 5 mm depower line can be customized in length and works with the original clam cleat. All metal parts are made of 316 Marine grade stainless steel and our high-performance thermo-coated lines are produced in Germany. The bar is shipped with a bar bag and a short leash, ideal for surfing or freeriding.
    489,00 €
  • Duotone Trust Bar Quad Control (19m, 22m, 24m, 27m) 2019

    Duotone Trust Bar Quad Control (19m, 22m, 24m, 27m) 2019

    4 Leinen
    Single front line safety
    Kann um 5. Leine erweitert werden (Set nicht enthalten)
    Neuer Suicide Ring III für den Suicide-Modus
    Iron Heart V
    Kompatibel mit jedem Vierleiner
    429,00 €
  • Duotone Click Bar 2019

    Duotone Click Bar 2019

    Bahnbrechendes, weltweit erster Adjuster ohne Verdrehgefahr
    Trim/power/depower your kite at the flick of a switch
    Kompatibel mit den meisten Kites
    Automatisch ausdrehbares Safety System
    Iron Heart V
    Lang haltbare, von einem TPU-Schlauch ummantelte Depowerleine

    The Duotone Click Bar revolutionized how we control our kites, on a completely new level! Now additionally available is a narrower version of the Click Bar, only 42cm wide and a line length of 20m plus 2m extensions! Also there are four different chicken loop options available offering maximum performance and customization.
    599,00 €
  • Duotone Gambler 2019

    Duotone Gambler 2019

    Wakestyle / Park Riding

    Art.-No. 44900-3424

    The optimum board for wakestyle and park riding, a board that takes it all no matter what, making it the best choice for Craig Cunningham and Colleen Carroll.
    699,00 €
  • Duotone TS Hadlow 2019

    Duotone TS Hadlow 2019

    TS Hadlow
    Competition Freestyle / Wakestyle

    Art.-No. 44900-3423

    Aaron Hadlow’s weapon of choice for freestyle, park and big air competition, packed with the kind of performance characteristics a World Champion deserves!
    1.049,00 €
  • Duotone Team Series 2019

    Duotone Team Series 2019

    Team Series
    Competition Freestyle

    Art.-No. 44900-3422

    An incredible freestyle board with competition riding embedded into its very core, high performance with no compromises, making it the right board for the GKA Air Games!
    999,00 €
  • Duotone Jaime Textreme 2019

    Duotone Jaime Textreme 2019

    Jaime Textreme
    Performance Freestyle

    Art.-No. 44900-3421

    The most high-performance freeride and freestyle board on the market today, suited to both hooked and unhooked riding! This year it´s completely redesigned and equipped with the new and fantastic Double Diffusor.
    1.049,00 €
  • Duotone Jaime 2019

    Duotone Jaime 2019


    Art.-No. 44900-3420

    The most popular twin tip on the planet, the Jaime, defines an era and a style that many riders aspire to. This year it´s completely redesigned, offering the new and fantastic Double Diffusor Bottom and again made a huge step forward.
    649,00 €

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