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  • Cabrinha H1 Bindung

    Cabrinha H1 Bindung

    Features & Benefits:

    Single adjusting Velcro strap provides a solid connection while allowing dynamic foot position
    Dual density pad: Designed for a smooth & comfortable ride while providing a lot of grip
    Triple position duck adjustment for personalized stance
    Industry standard 6” mounting pattern
    M6x16 stainless steel mounting hardware included

    Regulärer Preis: 130,00 €

    Special Price 81,00 €

  • Cabrinha H2 Bindung 2017

    Cabrinha H2 Bindung 2017

    Features & Benefits:

    Floating tongue to accommodate a larger range of sizes
    Two quick adjusting velcro straps provide full coverage for a locked in connection with positive edge engagement
    Triple density pad designed for a smooth comfortable ride, while providing grip, and impact resistance.
    Customizable heel pad inserts to tune your ride to hard and responsive, or soft and comfortable
    Triple position duck adjustment for personalized stance
    M6x16 stainless steel mounting hardware included

    Regulärer Preis: 180,00 €

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  • Cabrinha X-Caliber Signature 2017

    Cabrinha X-Caliber Signature 2017

    The XCaliber is our world class competition freestyle model. Its high performance comes from the extensive use of structural carbon that stiffens the flex pattern, for increased response and explosive pop. The Xcal’s performance rocker line allows for monstrous drive into powered freestyle tricks while retaining excellent upwind performance. The double concave with cantered rail panels shift into a quad concave tip bottom shape. This channels the water flow for maximum edge control, board response, and smooth landings. The progressive 3D molded top and bottom shape gives added dimension to the board. A single pour, ultra-bond liquid polyurethane elastomer around the entire board is the ultimate impact resistance material and helps with rebound and vibration reduction. Designed to provide quick bursts of speed, incredible pop, and the upwind ability to keep your performance spot on.

    Regulärer Preis: 999,00 €

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  • Cabrinha Ace 2017

    Cabrinha Ace 2017

    The Ace is our most versatile performance twin tip to date. While designed to excel in the performance Freestyle arena, the Ace is also perfectly comfortable boosting huge airs or throwing powered kiteloops. Its fast rocker line allows for explosive bursts of speed leading up to your tricks. It has great edge hold, amazing pop, a low spin weight, and it makes predictably smooth landings. The quad concave to quad V-bottom shape, and an advanced, lightweight, freestyle composition, make the Ace the pinnacle freeride/freestyle performance board.

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    Special Price 468,00 €

  • Cabrinha Spectrum 2017

    Cabrinha Spectrum 2017

    As the name suggests, this board is designed and engineered to cover the whole spectrum of kiteboarding. With a generous amount of flex and thin rails that make it easy to control, the Spectrum is a fun and lively ride, even if it’s been weeks since your last session. It works well in an extremely wide range of conditions for just about any riding style. The lightweight design has a single to double concave bottom shape, to promote water flow and upwind performance. The outline makes it excellent in choppy water and maintains enough surface area for great pop. The Spectrum has all the goods for a great all around board and truly lives up to its name.

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