Airush Apex Eco 23

Cushy ride for intermediate to advanced riders.

Double concave with deep center spine for soft landings.

Biotech Eco Flax Fiber laminate for a smoother ride.


New Unique Biotech Eco Flax Fiber hybrid laminate construction.

Double concave & deep center spine for good tracking and smooth landings.

A mix of high gloss durable top sheet, Bio flax fiber & basalt uni-hybrid laminate.

Bio based epoxy resin.


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The Apex Eco is designed as an all-around versatile twintip for performance freeride and Big Air. Similar to the Apex, the Apex Eco features a double concave with a solid center spine to aid soft landings, and better edge grip when riding on flat water. The unique Biotech Eco Flax-Basalt construction increases stiffness between the feet, while providing dampening in choppy conditions, and making the Apex Eco the perfect alternate to the Apex, for being softer on the knees and kinder to the environment, while reducing your environmental footprint.


The Apex Eco is perfect for hooked and unhooked powered tricks, allowing kiteboarders to push their limits.