Naish Apex Bindung 2021 Neu in 2 Größen

High Peformance Footstrap von Naish Kompatiebel mit vielen Boards (6 inch Abstand)

Zwei Größes Size US 5-12 oder 9-15


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Naish Apex Padset

Designed for superior comfort and performance, the Apex is the market’s leading ergonomic binding for all styles of twin tip riding in a low profile color scheme. Featuring our exclusive X-Factor Ergo Strap, every rider can have precision positioning and adjustability while still retaining remarkable comfort. The four-way adjustable foot strap can also be conformed to both large and small feet, keeping kiters locked-in and confident when riding. One of the most comfortable and lightweight bindings on the market, the Apex gives riders a direct pad-to-board contact and seamless feel.