North Bindung Flex LX TT

Entwickelt und verfeinert für Verbindung, Komfort und Leistung, unsere Flex Bindungen bieten Ihnen ein verriegeltes Gefühl und solide Unterstützung. Extrem weiche KnitFlex Riemen sind voll verstellbar und passen sich Ihrem ganzen Fuß ohne Nähte oder Bündelungen an. Dreifach-Dichte gummierte EVA-Fußbetten bieten leichte Dämpfung und halten Griff unter den Füßen, wenn nass. Super schnelles Dreipunkt-Verbindungs-Setup sorgt für eine individuelle Passform und geteilte innen klettverschlüsse Riemen sorgen für maximalen Komfort für alle Fußformen, Größen und Fahrerstile.


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Cushioning. Support. Shock absorption. The all-new 2023 Flex LX have a sense of luxury that speaks to the perfect balance between performance and design. Engineered to help absorb and disperse impact after gravity-defying boosts, with triple-density dynamic support technology to protect your heels and guarantee softer landings. We’ve added structure and stability with a more contoured footbed and ramped chassis for improved fit and increased lateral support. Outer angled heel inserts ensure your foot rolls properly, providing a stable landing and protecting your knees and ankles when loading up to release into the air. The GripFlex lightweight, rubberized EVA inner maintains grip underfoot when wet, while the fine grip pattern helps keep you locked in on various angles, preventing your foot from sliding out of the binding. We’ve refined the adjustable injection-Velcro top flap to provide a strong yet flexible hold. The strap has a soft foam and KnitFlex seamless lining with split-Velcro fastenings. These provide custom comfort and allow your foot to shuffle more easily into a locked-in position. For your ultimate fit, ensure there’s enough room for your toes to stretch and flex, and make sure the strap doesn’t slip or rub. The upper should feel secure, but not too tight, and the footbed should match the shape of your foot. The Flex LX are compatible with both our new 2023 FlipTech centreline and 2020-2022 offline TwinTip mounting systems. Industry-standard screw spacings ensure they can also be fitted to other boards.