North Pace SUP WIND Inflatable Package


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The Pace Wind is one of the most versatile boards in the range, particularly when the wind picks up. It can be used as a SUP touring board, or when the sea breeze kicks in, you can either attach a windsurfing rig to the insert on the deck, or just wing it.. with a wing! A center fin and a hard PVC rail around the rear 1/3 of the board help you stay upwind and get back to where you started from. The board is made with the lightest and stiffest Woven Fusion base material and supported by both deck and bottom PVC stringers, ensuring that the board remains stiff and reactive.

Carry handles front/center & rear
Front Go Pro / M8 Insert
4 Point Elastic Deck Rigging At Front
Center & Rear Rope Loop Attachment Points
Shoulder Strap / Dual Attachment Points
2x 9′ Touring Fin / US Box / Rear & Center

Bottom Nose Rope Loop Attachment Point

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821 – Sky Grey11’0 x30

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