Woo 4.0 Package

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4.0 Package

  • WOO 4.0 Sensor
  • 4.0 Charger
  • Classic Mount
  • Extra Mounting Tape
  • Board Prep Pad
  • Quick Start Guide

The New Standard for Big Air Kiteboarding

A ruggedized housing now surrounds a more powerful processor and extremely precise sensor. Wireless charging, 24+ hour battery life, updated Bluetooth and many more little but important improvements mean that you can focus on kiteboarding while your WOO goes to work tracking every take-off, jump, and landing.

  • Wireless Charging

    No pins, no problem! Wireless charging improves the weatherproofing of the WOO and allows for faster charging between sessions.

  • New Processor & Sensors

    High resolution data means the WOO detects and measures everything you do on the water with more precisions.

  • 24+ Hour Battery

    For even the most hardcore kiters, the WOO will now record your entire weekend of riding on one charge.